International Vilm – Swimming 2023

August 19th 2023

Start: Island Vilm Finish: Harbour of Lauterbach

(distance: 2500 m / 1.35 nm)


German Red Cross, Ruegen-Stralsund e.V.

German life saving association, Bergen e.V.

Timetable: 07:00 – 09:45 am registration at the office (harbour)

(direct registration still possible)

09:45 am opening ceremony

10:00 – 10:45 am shipping over to the island of Vilm

11:45 am first competitors are expected to arrive at the

Eichdamm“ in Lauterbach

02:30 pm presentation ceremony

07:00 pm Open Air competitors party at the “Brueckenkopf”

Age groups: prizes: (1st;2nd;3rd for each group)

AG 1 14 – 25 years of age (m/f) 1st: trophy; medal; certificate

AG 2 26 – 37 years of age (m/f) 2nd : medal; certificate

AG 3 38 – 50 years of age (m/f) 3rd : medal; certificate

AG 4 51 – 59 years of age (m/f)

AG 5 60 < years of age (m/f)

Every participant will get a participants shirt and a gift in relation to the Vilm-Schwimmen.

The starting money of 50€ is to be paid until the 15.08.2023 onto the special account: “Vilm-Schwimmen 2023”; DRK-Kreisverband Rügen-Stralsund e.V.; Sparkasse Vorpommern auf Rügen; IBAN: DE80 1505 0500 0000 4445 45 , BIC NOLADE21GRW.

If the starting money is paid cash, later than the 15.08.2023, it will be 55€ p.p. More detailed information can be found under

With the registration on the Internet and the demonstrable payment of the start money the start place is sure.

The registration main entrance becomes on the 01.01.2023 at 00.00 o`clock a free switched.

The registration portal will be closed as soon as the 400 starting places have been taken.

The German Red Cross will support the competition with any medical help needed. The participant excuses the promoter and organiser of any liability for personal and material damage and guarantees that her/his fitness is accordingly good to take part in the competition.

Participants in wet- or dry suits start out of competition. The DLRG (German Life Saving Association is in charge of the safety measures during the whole competition.

Camping areas will be provided by the promoter/ organiser if needed.

Registration deadline: August 15th 2023

Please register with the registration form! Address: Elfi Beusch / Wilhelm-Pieck-Ring 3 / 18528 Bergen

Phone: (+49)3838/23600 e-mail: